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ANABEL Cares” is a global healthcare impact strategy and initiative that includes building an elite community of care professionals that have received customized training and accreditation to perform at peak levels of the global healthcare industry value chain. ANABEL Cares professionals range from uncertified entry level care management professionals, all the way up to board certified registered nurses, nurse practitioners and globally recognized physicians. We have positioned our elite community of accredited care professionals to provide long term solutions to the growing global healthcare professional shortage crisis. We do this by providing accredited care professionals to healthcare systems, global care facilities, healthcare centers, mental health centers and large hospital systems, that require accredited healthcare professionals on a consistent basis.

ANABEL Cares focuses on building up the capacity, especially the soft power requirements, of the human capital development process of our professionals, which the global healthcare industry requires. In this respect, “ANABEL Cares” Professionals, are accredited and trained by proprietary process to meet the highest standards and requirements of the global medical, mental health and care facilities at all levels of the healthcare value chain, from entry level medical assistants, nursing assistants, mental health care assistants, home care management, all the way to the more sophisticated professionals such as registered nurses and physicians.

ANABEL Cares is operated by a coalition of participating global corporate institutions, including but are not limited to the African Enterprise Institute of Washington DC, United States, which brings the world-class standards of its Global Professional Program which is redefining professional standards on a global level.  Other Institutions that support ANABEL Cares include several University Teaching Hospitals, Specialist Hospitals, Nurse Training Institutions and Mental health Institutions.

Value Proposition


“ANABEL Cares” provides accredited healthcare professionals required for global medical and healthcare facilities of National health programs, regional and sub-national healthcare programs, military medical institutions, sub-national authorities, municipalities as well as hospital and healthcare systems.


``ANABEL Cares” focuses on strengthening the professional care management value chain that is required at all levels of the healthcare industry.


“ANABEL Cares” provides a pathway for professionals to build a global career in healthcare, starting at the entry level of care management and climbing up the career ladder, to more advanced medical assignments, projects and responsibilities.

Success stories

Our October 2022 Set of Care Professionals

Success stories

Our October 2022 Set of Care Professionals

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