ANABEL Cares has built a network of institutional partners that serve to provide a valid and verified framework for the training and accreditation of healthcare personnel. Partners include University Teaching hospitals, nurse training institutions, multi specialist hospitals, consulting clinics and government owned health facilities.

African Enterprise Institute

The African Enterprise Institute is a Washington DC United States based Institute dedicated to the training, development, and the building of the capacity of the next generation of global professionals and leaders in various industries across the World. A major pillar of the African Enterprise Institute is the Global Professional Program (GPP) which provides a standardized procedure for global professionalism in various industries. In addition, GPP provides an end-to-end procedure for identifying outstanding professionals globally, and then enhancing their capacity with World Class training and direction that fits the highest standards of strategic global industries. The African Enterprise Institute is currently the operator of the African Enterprise Initiative (AEI), which is an intervention for the building of the capacity, extending access to investment and the expanding of access to global markets for Africa’s small business community.

Global Professional Program and the GPP Community

Global Professional Program provides access to global opportunities for Professional Certification, Academic Studies, and Advanced Academic Studies after verification, training, and certification for undergraduate, postgraduate, lectures, Information Technology Experts, App developers, medical officers, Registered nurses & Nurse Practitioners, Parasitology, Pharmacists, Lab technicians etc. positioned for global opportunities. We assist Global Professionals with access to new global opportunities. We make it all happen, your admissions for studying aboard, your grants and scholarships, travel visas, ticketing, tuition, family relocation logistics, and subsequent professional support for placement at the World’s leading organizations and institutions.

Our GPP Community is a member-only network of professionals that have committed themselves to the highest performance levels required of global industries.

If you think you have what it takes to join our GPP Community